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Prof Vijay Kumar


Professor, author, consultant and advisor to businesses, social organizations, and governments. Kumar is an expert on innovation and currently a professor at the IIT Institute of Design in Chicago.


For more than 12 years he was the chief methodologist at Doblin (now a member of Deloitte) a leading global innovation firm. He is the author of the best-selling book on design innovation process, "101 Design Methods: A Disciplined Approach for Driving Innovation in Your Organization".

Anuj Prasad

He holds a BE in Production Designing from Punjab Engineering College and is better known as a design entrepreneur.

An industrial designer with over 27 years of industry and entrepreneurial experience, Anuj founded Desmania, along with Sandhya Raman in 1993.

Hari Nair, Chief Executive Officer

Formerly Chief Design Officer at Whirlpool China, with 15 years corporate experience is an educator who believes in the strength of good processes and business practices. He helped develop new markets for Whirlpool corporation as the head of Advanced Design and was instrumental in the turn around the Asia business through innovative design offerings. He was also the primary driving force for the EBLs (Experience Brand Languages) developed for the major brands under the Whirlpool umbrella (Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchenaid, Jennair and others).

Reiner Modro

55 years of professional experience. Modro has worked in Engineering, Process and Planning Manager, Production Director, Sales Director and Superintendent Officer at WEG.
Director at Eberle and Hércules Motors, and in the latter he developed the complete project of plant implantation, product development and commercial and industrial management system.

He served on the Board of Directors, executive board and also as a consultant for companies in various segments.
Trained by SENAI in scientific calculation and projects. Bachelor of Social Studies from FERJ and post-graduate in business administration from ESAG - Florianópolis. Specialized in process engineering, project planning and production and costs and prices.

Guilherme Pacher, Chief Innovation Officer

A graduate of the Politecnico di Milano (Design Strategy) and Florianopolis University (Materials Engg), Guilherme provides the Innovation process adherence to ensure the effective accumulation and interpretation of consumer insights.

Claudya Piazera, Chief Strategy Officer

With extensive experience in International Trade and Corporate Relations,Claudya Piazera helps provide strategic thinking methodology, to help businesses succeed in the global market.

Leonardo Pacher, Chief Marketing OfficerA global entrepreneur with a track record of digital start-ups in Brazil and corporate experience with Microsoft and others based in Belfast, UK. Leo provides the marketing engine and digital strategy which powers the success of the products and services we develop.





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