Our Business Innovation Process

How we develop business innovation strategy and create game-changing products

All development activities are handled by one cohesive, experienced, multidisciplinary group.

It all begins with deep understanding.


The most innovative designs result from an initial consumer research phase. Rather than turn to outside facilities to get tactical feedback generated from traditional focus groups, our team screens, moderates and analyzes data in-house.

We use unique consumer research techniques to reveal the customers’ real emotional connections and potential unmet needs to generate new ideas and a business innovation process and strategy. And although the Insights Team facilitates this phase, the entire business innovation team is intimately involved in the creation of the discussion guides and research methods, and is an active participant in understanding the consumer and market potential.



Designers at DFW don’t just create concepts, they invent real products.

From the earliest stages, our product designers are thinking not just about form and function, but also cost and customer satisfaction. Their responsibilities take them far beyond their desktop – into the lab with the engineers and prototype technicians, the conference room with clients, sometimes even to the factory floor. Such seamless integration with the entire product development and business innovation process ensures that no opportunity to improve on the original design will be missed. It’s not the intent that matters, it’s the result.




Engineers at Design For Winning are experienced, “hands-on” professionals inventing a wide range of successful products, from consumer to medical.

Our engineers are equally adept with high-end CAD and all fabricating methods, including rapid prototyping; they can build almost as fast as they can think.

This efficiency allows them to remain calibrated to the balance between art and science – our engineers work closely with designers throughout all steps of the managed invention process – and still maintain the clarity of thought and purpose that gets products to market in months, not years.

Packaging, branding and retail experience round out our development expertise. Clients trust us with their most valuable assets – their brands – because of our industry-leading reputation for creating branding, packaging designs and retail experiences that are clear, appealing and timeless.

We bring over 45 years of trusted manufacturing relationships to our sourcing support, including global partnerships in countries such as: Canada, Turkey, France, China, India, Europe, Africa and Thailand.

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